Long ago, magical creatures known as deamons started appearing in pockets of civilization. The daemon presence unlocked latent magical abilities in humans, and humans anchored and stabilized the deamons' forms. As time passed the magical peoples withdrew from humanity and established hidden communities throughout the world. After generations of these bondings both deamons and magical humans needed each other to survive; without daemons to channel the unlocked and inherited magic it would accumulate to toxic levels. A mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, magical humans and daemons lived peacefully together in an unknown society where no one wanted for anything.

One day, the daemons stopped coming.

The story of Havenhurst takes place centuries after the daemons stopped appearing, and follows a young runaway with the ability to shape the world's future.

"Very much a storyteller book."

   -Girls With Issues

Havenhurst is Copyright © Tanya Bjork 2013-2017