How long is the Havenhurst series going to be?

Havenhurst is completely plotted out and will be ten issues. The series is currently planned to conclude late 2018, though an exact date is still flexible.

   How often will books be released?

The current release schedule is approximately one issue every three months.

   Where can I buy Havenhurst?

You can purchase Havenhurst online at both comiXology and Gumroad. Physical copies can be purchased at special events listed on the news page.

   Where did the idea for Havenhurst come from?

Havenhurst was a complete accident, originally conceived at a 24 Hour Comic Book Day event. From there the world kept growing, resulting in the current series.

   What is a daemon/familiar?

What, don't they teach about witchcraft in schools?!

familiar (n): a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person

In the Havenhurst universe, daemons and humans have formed a symbiotic familiar-like relationship. They've evolved to the point where they need each other to survive.

Havenhurst is Copyright © Tanya Bjork 2013-2017